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Bokellas Detroit Red Wings "Dani"

Bokellas Detroit Red WingsPosted by Kennel Twin Hills breeder of Whippet and Podengo Portugês Pequeno S/H 2014-08-11 18:27:51

S Fin Ch Sv-00 Bokellas Detroit Red Wings born 1997-07-28
Veteran bitch of the year 2006
(Bokellas Creme de Menthe / Bokellas Vitesse)

Dani was very special to me, I really loved her so much. She is also the kennels alpha bitch. All our breeding started with her. She has provided great bloodlines.
Dani past away 2013-06-29, almost 16 years old. We had a wonderful life together, miss YOU.

Some of her placements:
CC 12/12-99, Rafael De Santiego, Chile, Best-bitch-3.
CC 23/4-00, Elisabet Janzon, Sweden Best-bitch-2, CACIB
CC 27/7-00, De Ridder-Onghena L, Belgique, BOB, BIG-2, CHAMPION, CACIB
10/12-2000, Ms Pamela Cross Stern, England, Swedish Vinner, BOB, CACIB
15/4 2001, Larry Yuen, Malaysia, BOB, CACIB
31//3 2002, David McIntyre, Canada, BOB, CACIB
19/5 2002, Franco Ferrari, Italy, Best-bitch-2., ,
20/7-02, Dolores Dinneen, Irland, Best-bitch, BOS
21/9-02, Liz Cartledge, GB, Best-Bitch-2
5/7-04, B Lindqvist, Sweden Best-Bitch-2
30/7-04, Heine Martha, Germany Best-Bitch-2, BOB veteran
31/7-04, Geoff Kill, Australia Best-Bitch-2, BOB veteran
1/8-04, Lisbeth Mach, Schweiz, Best-Bitch-4, BOB veteran
14/8-04, Ulla Eriksson, Sweden BOB & BOB veteran
15/8-04, Lee Lynn, Australia BOB veteran
CC 26/9-04 The Finnish Kennelclub Åland Nat,
Kresten Scheel, Denmark Finnish CHAMPION, BOS
26/2-05, Breed judge: Sue Gillespie, Belgium, Best-bitch-5, BOB veteran
BIS judge: Enid Hald, Denmark, BIS veteran
26/3-05, Breed judge: Hans Lehtinen, Finland, Best-bitch-4, BOB veteran
BIS judge: Kurt Nilsson, Sweden, BIS-5 veteran
8/5-05, Breed judge Ove Germundsson, Sweden, Best bitch-3, BOB veteran, BIS-3 veteran
28/5-05, Breed judge Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden Best bitch-3, BOB veteran
2/7-05, Breed judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Sverige Best bitch-4, BOB veteran
23/7-05, Breed judge David Wong, Australia BOB veteran
BIS judge: Gerry Hickey, Irland Rep, BIS-2 veteran
28/5-06, Breed judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland BOB veteran
2/7-06,Breed judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden Best-Bitch-3 BOB veteran
13/8-06, Breed judge Markku Mähönen, Finland Best-Bitch-5 BOB veteran
19/8-06, Breed judge Elisabet Janzon, Sweden Best-Bitch-5 BOB veteran
21/10-06 Breed judge Christophe Coppel, France BOB veteran, BIS-3 veteran
5/4-08 judge Ms Tamara Howarth (Taraly), France BIS veteran
17/8-08 judge Svante Frisk, Sweden Best-Bitch-2, BOB-veteran
6/9-08 judge Jean-Louis Grunheid, France Best-Bitch-3, BOS-veteran
6/9-09 judge Ms Barbara Smith, USA/Sverige Best-Bitch-4, BOB-veteran, BIS-2 veteran
5/10-10 Judge Ms Elisabet Janzon, Sweden, BOB-veteran
5/6-2010 Finska Whippetklubbens Special, Tammela Finland
Judge: Agneta Kappers, Sverige, BOB-veteran
The Swedish Sight Hound Club, Sandviken (Högbro Bruk) 5/10-10 BOB veteran
judge: Elisabet Janzon, Sweden
The Swedish Sight Hound Club, Vallentuna 17/10-10 BOB- and BIS-2 veteran
judge: Marie Gadolin, Sweden
The Swedish Whippet Club, Vingåker 30/10-10 BOB-veteran
judge: Annika Jansson (Hot Isle)

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